what is commercial fertilizer

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Fertilizer registrations are regulated by each state on a state-by-state basis. The Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) is a group of fertilizer regulatory officials from each state, Canada and Puerto Rico, who are active in fertilizer law organization and regulation. The association has many goals which include:

  • Working toward uniform legislation and definitions
  • Uniform labeling for commercial fertilizers and specialty fertilizers
  • Teaming up with industry leaders to encourage the use and development of safe and effective fertilizer use as well as environmental resource conservation
  • Promoting effective sampling and testing methods for commercial fertilizer

What is a Commercial Fertilizer

A commercial fertilizer is broadly defined as being any substance containing 5% or more of nitrogen (N), available phosphoric acid (P2O5) or soluble potash (K2O), singly or collectively, that is distributed for the purpose of promoting or stimulating plant growth. Commercial fertilizers are intended for only commercial use including agricultural production, golf course maintenance or commercial landscaping. In contrast, a specialty fertilizer is a fertilizer product that is being distributed for non-farm use including home gardens, lawns, parks, cemeteries and non-commercial growers.

Whether you are looking to register a commercial fertilizer or a specialty fertilizer, RegWest has the knowledge and dedication necessary to navigate the regulatory red tape and get your product registered in your state(s) of choice.

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