RegWest Company, LLC, is an independent consulting services firm that registers pesticide products with the U.S. EPA and state regulatory entities and defends those registrations on both levels. RegWest also provides state 25(b). RegWest is located in Greeley, CO and offers premier regulatory consulting services along with exceptional client service. RegWest was founded in June of 1986 as a home-based business with one employee and two clients. The consulting services firm is now fully staffed with four employees who are ready to handle all aspects of pesticide product registrations. We are the authorized U.S. EPA agent for clients in over six different countries and one U.S. territory (see map to the right).


RegWest has experience with numerous types of pesticides including antimicrobials, insecticides, biopesticides, fungicides, rodenticides and many more. We file new product applications and keep your company’s products in compliance with the constantly changing regulatory requirements. Learn More


Each state has its own unique registration program. RegWest has the tools and experience to keep your company’s product registrations up to date and in compliance with each state’s regulations. We handle initial applications, renewals and label/SDS/CSF updates.   Learn More

Other Services

In addition to experiencing the “RegWest way” for your state and Federal registrations, we also offer services encompassing those for Joint Venture/Task Force Administration, Safety Data Sheets, Organic Program Certifications and Attorney referrals for compliance issues and negotiations.   Learn More

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